Yet another awesome showing from Chris Birch, but this time it’s more of an exhibition than a point-of-view ride with commentary. Improvise, adapt, and overcome, as Bear Grylls was imagined saying. 

Chris Birch is at it again, out and about, and ripping around the trails on board his KTM 890 Adventure R. It’s hard to separate Chris from his KTM, and it’s even harder to imagine him on another motorcycle at this time. Not only is the man sponsored by Team Orange, it still looks like he meshes extremely well with the bike as seen in the footage. 

The video may only be two minutes and forty-five seconds long, but it’s still quite a trip to see a pro rip. The drone’s perspective is pretty cool, and the trail is quite “technical,” but with a “good flow” as Birch put it in his video’s description. 

Apparently, he botched his audio for the ride, which is a shame because the Aussie riding instructor’s commentary can be quite fun to hear over some gnarly trails and over some breathtaking landscapes. Still, good footage is good footage so why not post it with a little video editing magic?

He also went on to explain what happened and why music was added instead of a voiceover. Kinda cheesy as far as music choice goes, but worth going through with Chris Birch flaunting his skills on camera. So, he “goofed” the audio recording this time around and didn’t explain why. Technical difficulties hit even the most experienced rider and content creator, but he made do with what he had anyway. 

Then after the main body of the description, he said “rest in peace drone, you were good whilst you lasted,” which is sad to hear. Looks like Chris might have to rework his audio and procure another drone for his next video production. Quite the bummer, really, but if it means better and better videos in the future, great for us then! 

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