Bajaj Auto is one of the biggest two-wheeler manufacturers in the entire world, with its products spread across the Asian and South American markets. In its home country of India, Bajaj is pretty much an unstoppable force, with the brand covering all the bases from commuters, scooters, naked bikes, and even sportbikes.

Needless to say, the brand’s bread and butter lies in its budget-friendly commuters, of which it has released the newest model in India, the Platina 110 ABS. The 100 to 150cc segment of two-wheelers is about as barebones as you can get, with most of the models in this segment consisting of basic machines designed solely to get you from point A to point B, without much going in the way of technology and even safety. As such, we can understand why Bajaj wants to elevate the level of safety when it comes to entry-level two-wheelers, simply because of how many people buy these bikes. With the Platina 110, Bajaj has introduced the first motorcycle in this class to feature ABS.

We all know how basic ABS works—the system uses wheel speed as a gauge of measuring slip, and intervenes by pulsing braking force to prevent the tire from locking up. High-tech and expensive motorcycles even make use of cornering ABS which incorporates lean-angle sensors and inertial measurement devices that give the bike spatial awareness. Regardless of the type of ABS found in a bike, it certainly makes it safer for beginner riders, especially those who ride their bikes on a regular basis around the dense urban environment.

In an article by Indian automotive publication Indian Autos Blog, Sarang Kanade, president of Bajaj Auto’s motorcycle division stated, “India accounts for highest road deaths across the world with 2-wheelers accounting for 45% of these accidents. Our understanding of the Indian consumer suggests that commuter riders face panic braking scenarios frequently. With the new Platina 110 ABS, we want to offer riders complete control in unforeseen braking scenarios. We are confident that 2-wheeler riders who face difficult riding situations would consider Platina 110 ABS to keep themselves and their loved ones safe with the best-in-segment braking technology.”

Bajaj Launches The New Platina 110 ABS Commuter Motorcycle In India

Indeed, India’s roads have no shortage of unwelcome surprises, such as the frequent dog crossing the road, inattentive pedestrians, and reckless drivers in cars and bikes. As such, having the added safety net of ABS could certainly pay dividends. Apart from that, the Platina retains its entry-level performance, drawing power from a 115.45cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder engine with 8.6 horsepower on tap. It also gets LED lights and a gear position indicator. Most importantly, the Platina retains its entry-level pricing at just Rs 72,224, or around $870 USD.

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