Italian gear and equipment brand WheelUp’s in-house helmet brand Hype has just released a new modular helmet. Bringing all the latest and greatest safety features to the table, the Hype HP6.21 is positioned as the brand’s most premium helmet, while retaining an attractive price tag, as is the case with all of WheelUp’s products.

Diving right into it, the HP6.21 is clearly on the sportier side of things in terms of its styling. It employs an aerodynamic shell with vents on the chin, top, and back for adequate airflow. This modular sport-touring helmet is also the first helmet in Hype’s portfolio to be certified under the latest ECE 22.06 safety standard. Making things even better, it’s P/J homologated, meaning it’s certified safe with the chin bar flipped up.

WheelUp’s Hype Helmet Introduces The HP6.21 Modular Touring Helmet
WheelUp’s Hype Helmet Introduces The HP6.21 Modular Touring Helmet

Hype has fitted the HP6.21 with an easy-to-use flip-up system with the latch situated at the right side of the chin bar. Thanks to this setup, the rider can easily flip the helmet open with one hand. Likewise, the chin bar can be lowered and secured in one motion. As is the case with most other modular sport-touring helmets, the Hype HP6.21 is fitted with a dual visor setup. On the outside, the standard visor is Pinlock 70 compatible. Meanwhile, the retractable interior visor keeps the sun out of your eyes.

The HP6.21 is sized ranging from XS all the way to XL, with the company making use of two shell sizes throughout. Overall, the helmet is fairly lightweight considering its modular configuration, with a weight figure claim of 1,600 grams, give or take 50 grams, depending on the size. For added longevity, the internal padding is removable and washable. The helmet also has cutouts for intercom speakers, as well as grooves on the EPS liner to accommodate various types of eyewear.

As for pricing, the new Hype HP6.21 is surprisingly affordable, retailing for just 149 Euros ($155 USD) for the plain colors consisting of Glossy White, Matte Titanium, Matte Black, and Fluo Yellow. Adding a splash of color with graphic designs—there are three designs to choose from— raises the price slightly to 159 Euros, or the equivalent of $165 USD.

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