Schuberth made its entry into the adventure helmet market in 2015 by introducing the modular E1, which was derived from the C3 Pro and is available in an off-road version with a removable peak. The E2 has just been introduced as the E1's replacement for the 2023 model year. Similar to the E1, it blends the well-known modular system of Schuberth with aesthetic elements from touring and adventure helmets.

The E2, which complies with the new ECE R22.06 standard, is the second Schuberth helmet to receive the double P/J homologation. This means that wearing it with the chin bar flipped up is approved as safe. The German equipment manufacturer has created a new fiberglass shell reinforced with carbon fiber to offer improved shock absorption and impact dissipation in order to increase safety while reducing weight. Along with it, a brand-new dual-density EPS liner is used.

Schuberth Introduces New E2 Modular Adventure Helmet

Additional adjustments have been made to enhance the E2's versatility as an ADV and touring helmet. The removable peak, in particular, has been improved to cause fewer vibrations and is now adjustable in three configurations. This is also true of the ventilation system, whose air inlets and extractor have been altered to boost airflow, particularly at the chin guard where it is most necessary to avoid visor fogging. There is now a washable and replaceable filter there to keep out dust and pollution.

The interior of the helmet has a liner that is antimicrobial and has the Oeko-Tex 100 rating, as well as adjustable padding. A position-memory visor mechanism and an integrated drop-down sunscreen are also included. The helmet also seamlessly incorporates the speakers as well as the three MESH, Bluetooth, and FM antennas, making it ready to receive the SC2 intercom system manufactured by SENA.

Schuberth Introduces New E2 Modular Adventure Helmet

Depending on the size, Schuberth declares a weight ranging from 1,675 grams to 1,860 grams. It's important to remember that with accessories installed, the reported weight ranges from 1,830 to 2,050 grams The Schuberth E2 helmet is offered in three simple colors for 699 and 729 euros ( $725 USD and $757 USD) respectively, as well as with two decorations in seven different variations for 799 euros ($829 USD).

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