EICMA 2022 marked a watershed moment for Suzuki. Prior to the annual trade show, the Hamamatsu-based OEM hadn’t released a new engine in years. During that stint, many new Suzuki models leveraged long-in-the-tooth powerplants such as the K5 GSX-R1000 or 645cc, 90-degree V-twin. That wasn’t the case with the 2023 GSX-8S or V-Strom 800DE, though.

Leading the parallel-twin charge for the House of Hamamatsu, the 8S and 800DE both showcased Suzuki’s new 776cc engine. Like many modern middleweight mills, the liquid-cooled unit boasts a DOHC configuration and a V-twin-imitating (sound and power delivery) 270-degree crankshaft. The 84mm bore, 70mm stroke, and 12.8:1 compression ratio also position the inline twin at the intersection of performance and practicality.

While the new 776cc powerplant is a new development for Suzuki, it offers many features that have become standard equipment in the mid-size category. The ride-by-wire throttle unlocks ride modes and traction on the new GSX and V-Strom, while a bi-directional quickshifter and slipper/assist clutch simplifies control inputs.

Suzuki 776cc Parallel Twin - Airbox
Suzuki 776cc Parallel Twin - Cooling System

Suzuki engineers bring their own innovations to the table too. The six-liter airbox may contribute to the twin’s torque-rich character, but the computer-aided-designed (CAD) shape preserves the 8S and 800DE’s svelte forms. In order to keep the twin’s vibes in check, the firm employs its Cross Balancer technology. By mounting each balancer at a 90-degree angle to the crankshaft, the system quells much of the parallel twin’s resulting vibrations.

Suzuki takes the 776’s smooth operation even further by plating the cylinder walls with its Composite Electrochemical Material (SCEM) process. Paired with the FEM-engineered forged pistons, the plated cylinders enhance durability by minimizing friction, reducing piston ring wear, and increasing heat dissipation.

To help on the cooling front, Suzuki equips the parallel twin with its in-house Inlet Control Thermostat Valve. The component not only manages the engine’s thermal load but also regulates warm-up idle speed, stabilizes combustion, and mitigates exhaust emissions.

Lastly, Suzuki touts the 2-into-1 exhaust system’s “pleasing exhaust note”, but we all know that the unit primarily limits emissions to Euro 5 standards. Like many long-time Suzuki fans, we were excited to see the new 776cc parallel twin’s spec sheet. Hopefully, all that tech and innovation results in an unforgettable ride when the 2023 GSX-8S and V-Strom 800DE finally hit the road.

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