Whether it’s a bandana, neck gaiter, or full-coverage balaclava, riders are no strangers to face coverings. For that reason, motorcycle gear manufacturers already offer extensive options in the field. The COVID-19 pandemic only amplified the use and production of such accessories, but practically all competitors fall short of Spidi’s Beta anti-pollution mask.

Mix one part neck warmer with one part filtration mask and you have an on-/off-the-bike option all in one. The stretchy yet snug microfleece fabric not only holds in the user’s body heat but also insulates from cold, frigid conditions. Preserving even more warmth, the neck-protecting micropile material seamlessly transitions into the Beta’s face mask.

Traditional around-the-ear elastic loops secure the face covering without sacrificing comfort. The convenient feature makes the Beta compatible with all helmets, from open-faced jet lids to full-faced racer replicas. However, the Spidi mask provides a type of protection that no helmet can match.

Armed with a PM 2.5 fine particle filter, the Beta meets China’s GB2626-2006 – GB18401-2010 Cat C guidelines. Seeing as many people turned to the GB testing regulations to determine suitable face coverings during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s safe to say that the mask will protect the user's health and well-being beyond their time in the saddle.

When riding, the Beta will help filter out the harmful emissions and debris encountered by commuters and urban riders on a daily basis. With winter weather and flu season, on the horizon, the anti-pollution mask is just as useful in social situations. Spidi also allows users to swap out old PM 2.5 filters with the Beta’s external, interchangeable cheek pockets. At €9.90 ($10 USD) for 10 filters, customers should have no issue keeping the mask in optimal condition.

Spidi doesn’t charge much more for the mask itself. Weighing in at 100 grams, the Beta only commands a €24.90 ($25 USD) price tag. Spidi offers the anti-pollution mask in Medium and Large sizes, but the item only comes in a black color option.

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