Even before the pandemic had us all wearing masks on the regular, pollution was already an everyday problem for many. Various factors, including your sensitivity to particulates, health and respiratory issues, and geography all play their parts. If you’re someone who likes to commute every day on your motorbike, but you’re not too keen on your local air quality, then Frogmask may interest you.  

Frogmask is a French company, and it specializes in anti-pollution face masks that are washable and reusable. They’re made for riders, bicyclists, scooterists, pedestrians, and just about anyone who wants a little more control over what they’re breathing in as they move through the world.  

These masks feature adjustable nose wires, which help with fitment and also help prevent your eyeglasses from fogging up if you wear them. Crucially, they also feature a pocket where you can install disposable five-layer filters that block fine particulates from entering your airways.  

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As of August 27, 2021, Frogmasks come in three different adult sizes (M through XL), with four colorways to choose from: black and white, blue, burgundy, or orange. The company also sells extra FFP2 filters in packs of 10 on its site, and says that they filter up to 94 percent of particulate matter down to 0.4 microns in size.  

Each Frogmask comes with a one-year warranty, and both the masks and the filters are made in France. Masks also come with one filter already in place, but you’ll need to purchase additional ones in order to replace them in the future. Masks have both ear and behind-the-head adjustable attachment points for security and comfort while wearing.  

Frogmasks retail for 38 Euros apiece, including VAT (or about $45). A pack of 10 additional filters retails for 28 Euros (or $33). As of August 2021, Frogmask currently only ships to Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

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