Do you want to protect yourself and those around you from the pandemic while still showing your MV Agusta love? Say no more, the folks from Schiranna have your back, er, face. As part of the safety and casual gear lineup that MV Agusta offers via its online store, you will soon be able to purchase the official MV Agusta Face Mask.

It’s not just designed in Italy; it’s also entirely manufactured in Italy. While you’d expect such a mask to be as reasonably stylish as you could hope from any face mask, it also boasts some useful features. It has a titanium nasal septum adjustment plate to offer a more personalized fit for each individual nose. Presumably, this can also minimize eyeglass fogging for those of us who balance wearing face masks with also needing glasses to function in daily life.

The mask is made of 100 percent neoprene, which MV says offers temperature resistance, elasticity, and abrasion and cut resistance. These characteristics also make it stand up to repeated washing and disinfecting, which we all need to do with any and all reusable masks we wear. There’s a small piece of calfskin leather embossed with the MV Agusta logo and sewn in place over the titanium nose plate, and it can be equipped with a TNT filter and N02 valves that can all be taken apart for cleaning and disinfection. 

MV specifies that it’s not intended as a medical device. Instead, it seems like a cloth mask with all the bells and whistles you could want. Unfortunately for anyone interested, MV doesn’t mention a release date, and it’s not currently listed in MV’s online store. It’s also not clear if these will also be available for purchase from your local MV Agusta dealer. 

To be fair, the company did just announce these masks on June 5, 2020. It’s only June 8 as I write this, so hopefully it shows up in their store soon. No pricing information has been given at this time, for any market. Whether you feel like this is the mask for you or not, stay as safe as you can, everybody. 

Source: MV Agusta 

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