Sena’s ACS-RAM series of Bluetooth communication devices are specifically designed to integrate with the Arai SZ-R VAS jet helmet, leaving the helmet free of a device hanging off the side like other intercom systems.

You can tell if someone has a Sena or even a Cardo unit on their lid, and these units tend to look absolutely massive. Fully-featured devices they are, but if you prefer basic functionality with a sleek look, and you just so happen to have an Arai SZ-R VAS in your helmet collection, then this is the perfect product for you!

The ACS-RAM system is a spin-off of the ACS10 intercom product line that is meant for seamless installation into Arai full-face helmets. ACS-RAM, on the other hand, has been tailored to the SZ-R VAS, and it’s been made to fit the helmet without the need for any plates or external battery packs on the helmet. It’s an all-in-one system that wraps everything, battery, processor, microphone, and speakers, into a nice and neat package that fits inside the helmet

Arai’s a brand that’s serious about safety. Adding a communications unit on the side may mitigate the “glancing off” safety feature that Arai helmets are known for. The exterior of the helmet will be kept clean, retaining its safety, but adding basic comm functions.

Sena ACS-RAM for Arai SZ-R VAS

The ACS-RAM intercom is a basic system that features a two-person intercom with a stated distance of 500 meters, or about 0.31 miles. You also get smartphone connectivity that allows you to play your music and get in touch with your GPS system. You can also take calls on this device. Again, all the features here are standard and par for the course for basic comms systems.

More advanced features, however, include noise reduction and cancellation (Advanced Noise Control) and the unit is also firmware upgradeable.

The batteries are housed in the high-definition speakers and come in at 300 milli-amp hours each. This nets it a reported talk time of about 12 hours, and a charging time of just two and a half hours.

Sena prices this unit at about $199 USD, and again the best fit will be for the Arai SZ-R VAS Jet helmet, so make sure you get one of those first if you’re a fan of this seamless comm unit.

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