At EICMA 2022, Lambretta marks its 75th anniversary by showcasing a variety of new models in a range of displacements and fashionable colorways. The Lambretta X125 is the first addition to the lineup, which currently consists of the Lambretta G-Special and V-Special series in addition to the newly released Lambretta X300.

The Lambretta X125 is intended as a vehicle for urban use but offers sporty and tapered lines, which immediately evoke the classic stylistic features of the legendary Lambrettas of the past.  Innovative diamond-shaped lines on the steel sides keep the Lambretta heart and soul while modernizing them in a new form. The fixed front ffender, a distinguishing feature of Lambretta scooters, is preserved with the new X125. 

Lambretta Showcases Newest Innovations At EICMA 2022

Technically speaking, the X125 has a steel tubular semi-monocoque chassis that integrates the footboard, shield, and sides. The original front suspension with a double arm, pulled wheel, and double shock absorber, the front and rear disc brakes with dual-channel ABS, complete LED headlights, and the keyless starting system are a few of the many technical characteristics. Performance-wise, we're looking at a Bosch 124cc liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder, electronic fuel-injection engine. It has a 14.3 horsepower output at 9,500 rpm.

Up next, we have the Lambretta G-Special, more specifically, the G350, Lambretta's flagship model. It puts a more premium spin on the present V-Special series and occupies the top spot in Lambretta's premium range. The concept and style, which were conceived by Walter Scheffrahn and Peter Beselin, are modeled around vintage Lambretta designs.

The traditional frame of the G-Special series includes a monocoque steel structure and replaceable side panels. Performance-wise, it's packing a 330cc, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, four-valve engine. The motor produces 27 horsepower at 7,500 rpm. It sends power to the rear wheel via a standard CVT. The scooter has a vintage appearance, yet it also includes contemporary functionality. For instance, it receives a large TFT display in full color. Additionally, the G350 features substantial under-seat storage space, a USB charging port, and all-around LED illumination.

LambrettaLambretta Showcases Newest Innovations At EICMA 2022
Lambretta1Lambretta Showcases Newest Innovations At EICMA 2022
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