Last month, Sur-Ron introduced the 2023 Storm Bee F to the U.S. and Canadian markets. The firm’s onslaught isn’t letting up either. While the Storm Bee catered to motocross riders, Sur-Ron's all-new 2023 Ultra Bee lightweight enduro sets its sights on trail domination.

The new model slots between Sur-Ron's Light Bee X electric bike and Storm Bee F motocrosser. On the other hand, it pumps out more than twice the power of its e-bike counterpart at 12.5 kW (16.8 horsepower). As expected, that extra punch comes with extra poundage, as the 187-pound Ultra Bee outweighs the Light Bee X by 77 pounds.

Sur-Ron hasn’t disclosed the model’s full battery specifications just yet, but we know that the unit reaches up to 87 miles if the rider restricts speeds to 25 mph. Speed shouldn’t be an issue for the Ultra Beef you’re not worried about range. The enduro accelerates to 31 mph in just 2.3 seconds and achieves a top speed of 56 mph. No, that’s not an Interstate-worthy pace, but it’s enough oomph for life in the dirt.

After conquering the trail, riders can expect the Ultra Bee’s battery to recharge in four hours (connected to a conventional 120V wall outlet). In the saddle, three ride modes (Eco, Daily, and Sport) adapt the power profile to the occasion while regenerative braking helps recoup charge. An adjustable throttle sensitivity feature allows users to personalize the Ultra Bee’s acceleration, but traction control makes sure ham-fisted riders don’t get too carried away.

If we know one thing about Sur-Ron, it’s that the electric mobility brand isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with the big boys. We’ve seen the Sur-Ron X take on the likes of KTM’s 250 SX-F Factory Edition and an entire field of hare scrambler racers. While Sur-Ron chose to debut the 2023 Ultra Bee in a well-lit studio, we can’t wait to see how the lightweight enduro tackles tough terrain and the competition.

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