Endurofun is known for organizing a variety of off-road motorcycle courses, road trips, and tours across Belgium. The guys at Endurofun are the perfect people to go to if you're interested in starting or developing your off-road riding skills. Be it just for fun, or for serious training and testing of various off-road machines, Endurofun has it all. 

To add to their extensive repertoire of everything off-road, Endurofun, in partnership with electric motorcycle manufacturer, Sur-Ron, has launched the Sur-Ron Center. With this, Endurofun plans to integrate the manufacturer's most popular model, the Firefly, as part of their Start-2-Enduro courses. Endurofun offers a variety of riding courses, each with different levels of expertise. Beginners start at the previously mentioned Start-2-Enduro course which will now feature the Sur-Ron Firefly. 

The Firefly was designed as the perfect gateway drug into the world of off-road riding. Combining principles from both mountain bikes and dirt bikes, the Sur-Ron Firefly features the punchy power delivery of a 50cc dirt bike, and the sharp handling characteristics of a downhill mountain bike. The Firefly presents itself as a high-performance, reliable, and affordable off-road electric motorcycle. Although designed primarily for off-road use, it also finds itself pretty capable in the urban setting, thanks to its light weight, and adequate power output. 

Develop Your Off-Road Skills In Endurofun's Sur-Ron Center In Belgium

For Endurofun's case, the Sur-Ron Firefly will be integrated into the new courses and highlight mixed applications for both on and off road. As far as training is concerned, the course will cover all aspects of off-road riding from proper setup, technique, and of course, safety measures to be taken. Another attractive feature of Endurofun's courses is the fact that a standard driver's license is sufficient to allow you to ride these electric bikes.

For more information on Endurofun's available courses, as well as the Sur-Ron Firefly, be sure to drop by their website here.




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