If you’ve ever been forced to choose between an electric dirt bike and an electric scooter, Czech electric bike manufacturer Kuberg has a potential solution. It’s called the Ranger, and the company describes it as a “fully electric crossbreed” between the two. Was anyone actually asking for this combination of things? That’s … unclear.  

Anyway, the combination of a 19-inch front wheel and a 14-inch rear might be the first thing you notice about this bike. It looks sleekly minimalistic and purposeful, like it’s meant to take you out on the trails for a little fun in the dirt. It doesn’t feature the kind of bold graphics that help you stand out, and it comes in just two understated colors: black or military green.  

It’s powered by a 14kW motor, and Kuberg claims it can hit a top speed of 50 mph. Range will, of course, vary widely depending on what type of riding you’re doing, as well as whether you equip the optional double batter pack option. If going flat out at full power, claimed range is just 19 miles with a single battery pack, or 38 with a double. However, Kuberg also claims you can get it up to 60 miles when a blue fairy sprinkles you with magic dust, and you also ride in Eco mode using a double battery pack. Charge time is two hours.  

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The bike weighs just 110 pounds, has a carrying capacity of 220 pounds, and a towing capacity of 66 pounds. It features Kuberg’s brand-new reclining Air Lift seat, which can be folded down toward the rear shock with a single button press. The Ranger will have Manitou Dorado Expert forks up front (with 180mm of travel) and a DNM Burner RCP-3 shock in the rear. Tektro Orion 4-piston brakes stop you.  

Kuberg says it plans to launch the Ranger’s IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign soon, but doesn’t give a specific date. Three different packages will be available: the Race 14kW, which comes with a kickstand and the Air Lift reclining seat for $7,544; the Adventure Early Bird Package, with the Air Lift reclining seat, fenders, regenerative braking, and a trailer for $8,449; and the 8kW Pure, which comes with no reclining seat or kickstand for $6,150. Please note that each of those prices is the full price, not including various discounts offered for IndieGoGo project backers.  

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