It’s October, 2022, and like any good OEM, Energica Motors is already thinking years ahead about its future. We’re not just talking about the recent introduction of the Experia Green Tourer, which chalked up many pre-orders and which is now about to start rolling out to customers. We’re also not just talking about the fact that Experia is the beginning of an entirely new platform, though that’s also true. 

Energica is still a small company, particularly as compared to the large, legacy OEMs in the motorcycle space. It wants to grow, of course—which is why Cevolini told the Financial Express that the company will make its Indian market debut sometime in the next two years. India is the single largest two-wheeler market in the world—so it’s only to be expected that any OEM seeking growth would want to make a strong showing there. 

The key, Cevolini says, is in finding the right partner(s) in India—as well as getting the timing right. Above all, Energica doesn’t want to rush things and risk getting important details wrong. As of October, 2022, Cevolini says that she’s been talking to multiple potential Indian partners about the possibilities—and when the time and offers are right, Energica plans to move forward. 

Part of the reason that India is the biggest two-wheeler market in the world is, of course, more entry-level and smaller displacement machines, as well as scooters. When asked if Energica would consider offering EVs in these segments at some point in the future, Cevolini said, quite bluntly, that the technology isn’t there yet to make such machines feasible.  

She said that, in order to offer electric bikes at competitive prices in those segments, they’d have to make too many compromises on features and performance. Then, the problem becomes the fact that customers aren’t getting what they want—and end up disillusioned with the entire concept of EVs. Thus, she says, it’s better at this point to compete in the segments where Energica is now, because it’s able to give customers the kind of thrilling, impressive experience that they want.  

For the time being, Cevolini isn’t discussing details of Energica’s plans for India just yet—though she says that we should expect to see them materialize within the next couple of years. The good news for Indian riders interested in Energica’s machines is that more Experia-platform bikes will likely have been introduced by that point. 

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