If you’re looking for an affordable full-face helmet, HJC Europe has a new model for you to check out, the C10.

The new full-face replaces the CS-15, a helmet that was one of the best values in the market today due to its fit and finish plus its exceptional value for money. The C10 has big shoes to fill, and it does so with a new shell design along with a bunch of colorways which include graphics like the Elie, Epik, Inka, Lito, and Tins.

HJC C10 Solid White Top
HJC C10 Solid White Rear
HJC C10 Solid White Side

The model was updated in line with the rest of the lineup, which also includes a new retro-style full-face helmet, the V10

HJC C10 Solid Black
HJC C10 Solid Flat Black

As for technical features, the new model gets the ECE 22.06 stamp of approval. Just like the model it replaces, the C10 gets a polycarbonate shell with three shell sizes that are shared between 3XS all the way to 2XL. HJC also offers youth sizing, a task that was once covered by the CL-Y model and the CS-15.

Following that, HJC also boasts a better view with a 10-millimeter-wider field of view with its new HJ-34P visor which is also Pinlock ready and features 99 percent UV A and B protection.

HJC’s Advanced Channeling Ventilation System is also available in the C10, and that features cutouts in the EPS lining and strategically-designed air intake and exhaust vents that allow for airflow through the helmet.

Overall, the C10 presents another great value from the brand. If the CS-15 was any indication of how good HJC was in the entry-level segment of the market, then the C10 is expected to be as good or if not better than the model that it replaces. However, HJC did not make any mention of comms device integration, which the CS-15 had. The C70 is rather notorious for not having speaker cutouts in its EPS liner, however, and no mention was made on the C10’s product page.

HJC C10 Tins MC1SF
HJC C10 Lito MC2SF
HJC C10 Epik MC8
HJC C10 Inka MC1SF

Still, for just €109.90 EUR MSRP, or about $106 USD given current exchange rates, the C10 is an exceptionally-priced helmet. Will it be better than the CS-15? Perhaps it will be, perhaps it won’t, but we’re sure that it has some big shoes to fill.

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