HJC finally has a single-visor vintage-style helmet in its lineup, addressing the needs of cafe racers, cruisers, and stylish scooter riders in the European market. It’s called the V10, and it takes a bit of inspiration from other existing vintage lids but with a distinct Hong Jin Crown (HJC) twist.

The South Korean brand has been on a roll with its releases lately. Just a few weeks ago, the brand launched its new lineup of RPHA lids, sans the already-released RPHA 1 and the un-updated RPHA 11. The RPHA 71 and RPHA 91 both get updates while the newest member of the RPHA family is the RPHA 31, an open-face helmet with premium features.

 HJC V10 Solid White
 HJC V10 Solid White Top View
 HJC V10 Solid White Rear Quarter
 HJC V10 Solid White Side

Meanwhile, in the V-stands-for-vintage product category, HJC has released something special, something that can potentially cause other buyers to turn to the brand. For the longest time, HJC has been without a full-face vintage-style helmet to call its own, with the V90 being the only one in the lineup with a chin bar. Now, however, that changes as the V10 makes its debut on HJC’s website, and it looks stunning with an array of colors that is sure to match your cafe racer or scooter.

 HJC V10 Solid Nardo Grey
 HJC V10 Solid Flat Black
 HJC V10 Solid Deep Yellow
 HJC V10 Solid Deep Red
 HJC V10 Solid Deep Green

If you look at the design, you could say that it looks like a slightly more modern Biltwell Lanesplitter because of the boxy chin bar. Aside from the Lanesplitter, HJC will find themselves competing in a segment that is filled with stylish rivals like the Bell Bullitt and Eliminator, the Shoei Glamster, and the Arai Rapide Neo among many others. It’ll be interesting to see how Hong Jin stacks up.

 HJC V10 Solid Gloss Black

The specifications are quite good, however. The shell is made from HJC’s fiberglass material, you also get emergency release cheek pads, a visor release mechanism similar to the RPHA 1, Smart HJC, or communications-system ready, as well as the brand-new ECE 22.06 safety standard.

Riders can take their V10 to the next level and adapt it to different styles. HJC will also field a set of accessories which will include a peak, which will turn this retro-style street helmet into a retro adventurer to some degree.

 HJC V10 Tami MC1
 HJC V10 Grape MC21

As far as pricing goes, the V10 is currently listed on HJC’s website at €329.90 EUR, or about $320 USD given today’s exchange rates. For a fiberglass helmet, that’s not a bad price, and there are seven solid colors that you can choose from White, Black, Flat Black, N. Grey, Deep Green, Deep Red, and Deep Yellow. Graphics include the Grape, which is available in four color variants, and Tami which has three colorways. Graphic options will set you back €369.90 EUR, or about $360 USD.

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