All good things must come to an end. The motorcycle industry enjoyed profitable sales years during the COVID-19 pandemic, but lingering supply, shipping, and resource issues have continued to plague manufacturers throughout 2022. With more nations around the world reopening their borders to travelers, two-wheeled mobility isn’t as sought-after either.

That’s led to up-and-down quarterly reports for many OEMs. Harley-Davidson raked in less revenue Q2 2022, yet it posted higher profits. Indian Motorcycle parent company Polaris wasn’t so lucky, however, reporting a 48-percent plummet in Q1 2022.

Italy’s 2022 sales record has become a microcosm of this rollercoaster market. In February, April, and June, purchases slightly dropped off compared previous years. However, the sales figures rose again in August. The latest reports illustrate that Italy isn’t out of the woods, with September numbers declining yet again.

Last month, Italians purchased 22,425 vehicles, which results in a 3.6-percent slump. While motorcycle sales improved by 5.3 percent, scooter purchases fell by 11.3 percent. Not even the recently resurgent electric segment could withstand the downturn, losing 8.4-percent in September. Taking the first nine months of the year into account, electric vehicles still uphold a 59-percent sales spike but the overall motorcycle market has slowed by 2.5 percent.

With the exception of the liter-plus category, the motorcycle market improved across the board. The small-capacity (250-500cc) and middleweight (500-750cc) class gained the most ground with 11.8-percent and 15.9-percent upticks, respectively. When subdivided by segment, naked bikes, enduros, and tourers grew while sportbikes, supermotos, and trials bikes dipped in popularity.

The trend inverts on the scooter side. Other than the 501-600cc category, which claimed a 28-percent improvement, all displacement categories nosedived in August, 2022. Not even the used market can find solace in these conditions, registering a 12.4-percent tumble. Throughout 2022, used models have dropped in demand by 6.8 percent.

With EICMA 2022 just around the corner, hopefully, Italy’s undulating sales chart soon finds itself on the upswing once again.

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