European motorcycle sales have slowed down in June, 2022. We've reported this previously with France, and now Italy is reporting a similar trend. While the same time last year, motorcycle sales in Europe were booming due to the fact that the two-wheeled lifestyle was an exciting pastime during the pandemic, unfortunately, the same cannot be said this year, as the shortage of supply has caused dealers to be unable to keep up with demand.

The motorcycle industry's saving grace, however, comes in the form of mopeds, of which the sub-segment enjoyed 53-percent growth versus June of last year. This growth is largely attributable to electric models, which, in the midst of rising gas prices, serve as a sustainable and affordable alternative. That said, when it comes to the more familiar internal-combustion two-wheelers we've come to know and love, the picture is somewhat bleak. Overall, the motorcycle industry in Italy has seen a decline of 1.8 percentage points, with a total of 40,871 units sold in June, 2022. 

Kymco Introduces Various Updates To The Agility S 125i Scooter
The Kymco Agility was the best-selling two-wheeler in Italy for June, 2022.

Breaking things down slightly, motorcycles are down by three percent, with 16,124 two-wheelers sold. Scooters saw a slightly steeper decline of 6.7 percent, with 21,144 of these low-displacement runabouts rolling off showroom floors. Last but not least, the previously mentioned moped category, the only one to see a massive 53-percentage-point growth, sold 3,603 units in June, 2022. 

Unsurprisingly, the Benelli TRK 502 continues its reign as the most popular model under the motorcycle segment, and sits in third place overall. The Lion of Pesaro managed to flip a total of 1,080 of these adventure bikes in June, 2022, alone. As for scooters, the Kymco Agility 125 proved to be the most popular at the top spot, and is followed by the high-tech Yamaha TMAX maxi-scooter trailing behind in second. The remainder of the top ten is occupied completely by scooters, with Honda's SH scooters, and the Vespa Primavera 125 being part of the list. 

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