Benelli is off to a fantastic start in 2022. From January through June, a total of 8,522 new Benelli motorcycles were registered in Italy. According to the team from Pesaro, that marks a six percent increase in sales year-on-year as compared to the same time in 2021—but there’s even better news than that. 

Hitting such numbers, and finding itself with an Italian market share of 10.8 percent is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Know what has to be an even nicer feeling for any brand with Italian roots, though? Reaching out and grabbing the gold ring of being the best-selling motorcycle brand in Italy—which Benelli says it’s done for the first half of 2022. 

Being number one anywhere is nice, don’t get us wrong—but it has to feel particularly good if you’re number one in your home market. Yes, Benelli is owned by QJ Motors now—but plenty of companies with historic names are now financed by other companies that may be located elsewhere. As to whether the heart and soul of the thing is still Italian, it certainly seems that Italian riders are satisfied. 

While multiple models had roles to play in Benelli’s 2022 success story so far, it’s the TRK 502 that stands head and shoulders above the rest. In all, Benelli says, a grand total of 4,436 TRK 502s were registered in Italy over the first six months of the year. Out of a total of 8,522 new Benellis, that leaves just 4,086 other models that sold over this time period. 

"Today we are facing a historic result. An extraordinary milestone, achieved thanks to the incredible commitment, passion and determination of all those who are part of this company,” Benelli Italia sales manager Gianni Monini said in a statement. 

“This is the fruit of great teamwork, which allowed Benelli to reach the top of the ranking of the best-selling motorcycles in our country today. We want to thank all the motorcyclists who have chosen us and who have decided to trust us by purchasing our vehicles, proud to become part of this family. Today we can only be proud of this splendid result, which encourages us to continue on this path, pursuing the constant improvement of our performance, every day with the same enthusiasm. 

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