Most high-displacement touring bikes, with the exception of KTM, tend to come in rather muted and understated colorways. Perhaps it’s to appeal to the discerning tastes of the ladies and gentlemen who choose such machines as their steeds of choice, or perhaps it’s to give the bikes a more serious, “don’t mess with me” demeanor. Whatever it may be, I tend to prefer my bikes, both big and small, with a splash of color—and maybe you do, too.

If this is the case then chances are you agree that the new Honda NT1100, although sleek and aggressively styled, is rather bland when it comes to the colors on offer. I mean, Honda literally took the most boring colors out of the palette and decided to slap them onto the NT1100. Seriously, guys, it doesn’t get any more boring than white, black, and gray. Luckily, however, Burn-Out Design, a company specializing in motorcycle specific stickers and decals, agrees that the NT1100 could use a splash of color, and released a series of graphic kits for the high-capacity tourer.


Indeed, Burn-Out Designs’ sticker kits breathe new life to the Honda NT1100 and make it look like a completely different bike. For starters, there’s a red and blue-themed graphics kit that gives the NT1100 the look of the previous generation Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade. Personally, this one’s my favorite, as it gives the NT1100 a racy look, despite it being a large-capacity touring bike. There’s also a black and gray sticker kit that gives the NT1100 a classier, more sophisticated look thanks to its two-tone finish.

Burn-Out Designs’ Graphics Kits Add A Splash Of Color To The Honda NT1100

Regardless of what sticker kit suits your fancy, Burn-Out Designs is asking for 200 Euros, or around $200 USD, given the current one-to-one exchange rate, for any of the kits. The sticker kits include decals for the front fender, fairing, fuel tank, and side panels. For an additional 50 Euros, you get rim stickers, too, to add even more color to your touring beast.

Regardless, if you’re rocking some other bike other than the NT1100, and are looking to add some color to your setup, Burn-Out Design probably has a graphics kit for your bike. Check out what they have on offer through their official website linked below.

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