CCM, a boutique U.K.-based motorcycle manufacturer, recently showcased its newest prototype referred to as the Retro Trailie, a rally-style enduro machine with throwback styling. The company is best known for its Spitfire range of motorcycles, which offer a lot of customizability mated to timeless retro styling.

In recent news, the company revealed the Maverick, a scrambler-style machine based on the Spitfire platform. The brand is also expected to come up with more iterations of the Spitfire, such as the Street Moto and Classic Tracker. However, the Retro Trailie looks like something else entirely, at least in terms of styling. The Retro Trailie well and truly stands out thanks to its race-bred styling with a large, voluptuous tank with radiator shrouds extending downwards giving the tank an even larger appearance. Up front, a high fender and a rally-style headlight cowl complete the aesthetic.

Take A Look At CCM’s Retro-Style Rally Enduro Prototype

As you move towards the center of the bike, a color-matched rally saddle gives the machine an air of sophistication, while a plate on the side with the “Camel” logo continues the machine’s race-inspired motif. At the back, a short fender and a grab rail that integrates seamlessly into the bike’s subframe give the Retro Trailie an athletic and lightweight look. The bike rolls on conventional enduro-sized wheels with a 21-inch wheel at the front and a 19-inch wheel at the back. Suspension duties are handled by a long-travel inverted Öhlins unit at the front, while the rear consists of twin Öhlins shock absorbers.

From a performance standpoint, the Retro Trailie isn’t that much different from the other models in CCM’s lineup. It’s packing a 600cc single-cylinder engine with 56 horsepower on tap and 43 ft-lbs of torque. As mentioned earlier, the bike is constructed around a hand-crafted tubular steel frame, making for a rather lightweight, off-road-capable machine. The retro rally bike comes to a stop with J.Juan brakes, with ABS being a more than likely feature, assuming the bike will be released as a street-legal model, just like the rest of the Spitfire model range.

Take A Look At CCM’s Retro-Style Rally Enduro Prototype
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