Great Britain’s CCM is in a class all its own. The Bolton-based brand favors middleweights but gives each model the flagship treatment. CCM balances that ultra-refined fit and finish with street-worthy performance, and its extensive Spitfire family is a testament to that approach.

From the Spitfire Bobber to the Street Moto to the Spitfire Six, there’s no shortage of options at customers’ fingertips. Apparently, the Spitfire line has room for yet another member, with the Classic Tracker making its debut in 2022.

Gallery: 2022 CCM Classic Tracker

CCM primarily bases the Classic Tracker on its existing Street Tracker model, and the two share a lot of the same equipment as a result. Both models are ready to hit the dirt at a moment’s notice with Mitas road-legal flat-track rubber spooned onto a 19-inch spoke wheelset. Yet, they also boast scrambler-style handlebars, semi-perforated single saddles, and J. Juan brakes for road worthiness.

Of course, the latest Spitfire houses CCM’s liquid-cooled, 600cc single-cylinder engine. With a 12.0:1 compression ratio, 42.8 lb-ft of peak torque, and a 319.7-pound dry weight, the Classic Tracker packs more than enough punch for city commuters and flat tracking weekend warriors. Suspended by a Marzocchi front end and YSS shock, the new model delivers the signature flat track stance with 4.7 inches of travel at both ends and a 32.7-inch seat height.

As the name suggests, the Classic Tracker sides with a vintage aesthetic. While the Street Tracker comes standard with side-mounted competition number boards and a high-mounted front mudguard, the Classic trim ditches the race plates and sides with an abbreviated, fork-mounted front fender. The new exhaust system with dual titanium end cans also sets the new Tracker apart from its street-oriented relative.

CCM offers the Spitfire variant in The New Classic Tracker and Infinity Package trims. The former dons a navy-blue livery and black laced wheels while the latter elevates the cosmetics with a brushed aluminum finish and gold wire-spoke rims. The New Classic Tracker fetches a price tag of £10,695 ($13,120 USD) while the Infinity Package raises the MSRP to £11,495 ($14,100 USD).

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