For many people, motorcycling is a form of self expression—the perfect avenue to express and enjoy the freedom we have in the world. Apart from going wherever our hearts take us, many of us enjoy adding personal touches to our machines. Now, these touches vary from person to person, with some opting for a simple accent piece here and there, while others totally revamp the look of their bikes. Needless to say, there are a few things one can call their own more than a motorcycle.

CCM gives its customers the opportunity to take home their very own bespoke motorcycle straight from the showroom floor. Their newest model in the form of the Spitfire Six, boasts a ton of customizability. Customers can choose from an array of parts and colors—each with their corresponding costs, that is.

In standard form, the Spitfire Six bears a very minimalist look, with its tig-welded trellis frame. The 600cc single-cylinder motor is nestled neatly within the frame, and the subframe has been updated to give the bike a lower rear end, similar to that of the Spitfire Bobber. The best part comes with the plethora of options customers would have for their bikes. For starters, there are four standard colors with bespoke liveries available for the fuel tank. Ranging from £450 or the equivalent of $562, to £750 or $936, the fuel tank alone is enough to make your bike standout.

The Spitfire Six Is An Ultra Customizable Bike You Can Buy Brand New

But that’s not all, the seat is also interchangeable for five different designs, ranging from quilted to alcantara options, and in a variety of color schemes. Chain guards, engine covers, and many other parts and accessories are also available for the Spitfire Six.

Apart from accessories, the Spitfire Six comes with a ton of performance upgrades, too. An Öhlins suspension kit is available, as well as a full race kit that will cost you a whopping $6,179. A twin titanium Austin Racing exhaust system is also available for $2,500.

The Spitfire Six Is An Ultra Customizable Bike You Can Buy Brand New

Priced at £9995, or the equivalent of around $12,500, the Spitfire Six immediately gets more and more expensive as you swap out parts and improve its performance. Of course, given a bike that’s this customizable, and with so many options to choose from, if you could afford it, why wouldn’t you?

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