It could be said that the Ducati Scrambler is largely responsible for keeping Ducati afloat in the modern age. Undoubtedly the most popular series of motorcycles in Ducati’s lineup, the Scrambler appeals to a wide selection of riders, and lowers the barriers to entry of the Ducati ownership experience. Apart from that, it dials down Ducati’s race-bred character into a more approachable, rugged-urban chic.

Given just how popular the whole neo-retro design language has proven to be in the past decade, it should come as no surprise that Ducati has amassed some hefty sales figures for the Ducati Scrambler. Indeed, with 100,000 units delivered to fans and enthusiasts, it’s easy to understand why the Scrambler is the most common Ducati on the road. Interestingly, this milestone, achieved in 2022, coincides with the 60th anniversary of the very first Scrambler model released in 1962—the inspiration for the Scrambler Sixty2 variant, which is the smallest, most beginner-oriented model.

Ducati Celebrates 100,000 Scramblers Sold With Limited Carrera Sunglasses

The first Scrambler Ducati entered production in 1962 and was produced until 1975 at the request of the Berliner brothers, Ducati importers for the United States in the 1960s, who desired a model that suited the preferences of American motorcyclists. The motorcycle quickly became very popular due to its remarkable technical features, but mostly because of a look and attitude that could capture the rebellious and nonconformist spirit of the time, taking on legendary homegrown manufacturers like Indian and Harley-Davidson.

Beginning with the initial Scrambler Ducati Icon in Urban Enduro, Full Throttle, Street Classic, and Classic variants in 2015, Ducati put forward a variety of interpretations, to which the Mach 2.0, Flat Track PRO, Café Racer, Desert Sled, Sixty2, and Icon Dark were later added. The newest and more modern 1100 Tribute PRO, Urban Motard, and Nightshift now comprise the Scrambler Ducati lineup, and serve as the brand’s heritage models to the iconic motorcycles sold 60 years ago.

Scrambler Ducati and Carrera Eyewear, who are already an Official Partner of Ducati Corse for the Eyewear Collection, worked together to produce an iconic pair of sunglasses built for the event in a limited edition of just 60 pieces—representing the 60th anniversary of the Scrambler. The sunglasses' design embodies the Carrera aesthetic, which is enhanced by small elements like the Scrambler Ducati insignia on the right lens and the finishing in the traditional "62Yellow" shade.

The Scrambler Ducati signature can be found on the double nose bridge, while the 60th anniversary emblem can be seen on the right temple. All of this is enhanced by a special package that has the same distinctive Scrambler Ducati marks as the glasses. Beginning on October 1, 2022, the limited-edition model will be exclusively sold through Carrera e-commerce in both Europe and the United States.

Ducati Celebrates 100,000 Scramblers Sold With Limited Carrera Sunglasses
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