Moto Guzzi has celebrated its 100th anniversary for nearly two years now. In January, 2021, the Italian brand released its V7, V85 TT, and V9 Centennial Livery editions. Two months later, in March, 2021, Guzzi officially recognized its 100th anniversary. Since then, we’ve seen everything from a commemorative art book to the arrival of the V100 Mandello sport-tourer.

After canceling the 2021 Guzzi World Days festival, the firm finally put the kibosh on its centennial celebrations with the 2022 Guzzi World Days event. Of course, Guzzisti from across Europe showed up in force but brand faithful came from as far and wide as the U.S., Australia, South America, and Indonesia.

2022 Guzzi World Days - Parked Bikes
2022 Guzzi World Days - Ewan McGregor

Over the four-day event, the Mandello Del Lario brand registered over 60,000 visitors. Guzzi loyalists not only packed the region’s hotels but camped along the shores of Lake Como. Still, Guzzi World Days offered more than enough activities and surprises to satisfy the masses.

On Saturday, September 10, 2022, the manufacturer hosted a parade ride led by the Italian Reggimento Corazzieri on California 1400s. That Saturday stroll didn’t stop attendees from participating in over 800 V7, V85 TT, and V9 test rides throughout the extended weekend.

However, all eyes were on Moto Guzzi’s latest debut, the V100 Mandello. The company opened bookings directly after the unveiling while also delivering a sneak peek at the 2023 V7 Stone Special. Well-known brand enthusiast and Hollywood film star Ewan McGregor not only attended the festivities but also took the V100 Mandello for a spin during the event.

While the modern sport-tourer hints at Moto Guzzi’s bright future, many Guzzi fans also flocked to the factory museum. In just four days, the brand recorded over 20,000 museum visitors. Yes, Moto Guzzi is finally focusing all its efforts on its second century, but the firm’s rich past will always influence its future direction.

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