There is no doubt that Asia is a hub of innovation in the field of electric bikes. Manufacturers in China, Japan, and India are producing new electric two and three wheelers of all shapes and sizes. India's market is booming thanks to new entrants like the Ultraviolette F77, the reasonably priced Ola S1 Pro, and just recently, an all-new electric motorbike from Hop called the OXO.

In August, 2022, Hop stated that it was conducting some final real-world tests prior to launching the electric motorcycle in the Indian market. With testing completed, as well as a number of consumer-focused test rides scheduled to happen in the coming weeks, Hop has officially introduced the OXO electric motorcycle in the Indian market. Two models of the new electric motorbike will be available for purchase: Standard and X. The cost of the standard model is Rs 125,000 ($1,566 USD), while the price of the more expensive X version is Rs 140,000 ($1,754 USD).

Indian Electric Motorcycle Manufacturer Hop Officially Launches The OXO

All Hop OXO models have athletic styling and some really impressive technology, which adds to the appeal of their low pricing. Both variations are equipped with a five-inch IP67-rated display, a 3.75kW battery pack, multimode regenerative braking, 4G connection, and a specific mobile app. Access to features like speed control, geo-fencing, an anti-theft system, and ride statistics is provided through this smartphone application.

Differentiating the two variants is the technology surrounding performance. There are three ride modes available for the Standard variant: Eco, Power, and Sport. The X version, on the other hand, has an additional Turbo mode that offers more boost, ideal for passing slower traffic or just adding a little excitement to your daily commute. According to Hop, the OXO X can travel at a top speed of 56 miles and accelerate from zero to 25 miles per hour in four seconds.

The Hop OXO's battery pack is said to have a real-world range of 150 kilometers, or 94 miles, on a single charge, and it is said to take around four hours to fully charge the battery from empty to about 80 percent. Hop Electric's founder and CEO, Ketan Mehta, stated in the company's official press release that 5,000 pre-launch bookings had been made by Hop's dealer partners, demonstrating that there is in fact a large demand for this sporty-looking electric motorcycle. At present, the Hop OXO can be purchased via the brand’s official website linked below, as well as in-person in Hop’s Experience Centers, of which there are more than 100 branches spread across India.

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