The latest European emissions standards forced Yamaha to discontinue the legendary YZF-R6 in 2020. Yet, Team Blue offers the celebrated supersport in a track-only variant to this day. The YZF-R1 still reigns as Iwata’s flagship sportbike on the street in 2022, but the firm now accompanies its GYTR (Genuine Yamaha Team Racing) R6 with a race-prepped R1.

The closed-circuit superbike is more than just an R1 stripped of its lights and clad in white primer-painted fairings. Flaunting more than 25 GYTR components and a race-oriented Akraprovic exhaust system, this R1 fully delivers on the platform’s performance penitential.

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Yamaha builds the track missile to FIM Stock 1000 specifications but caters to track riders and racers with a vast range of adjustability. The brand’s acclaimed 998cc, CP4 (inline-four) engine doesn’t just benefit from a catalyzer-free exhaust. A GYTR ECU and new wiring harness allow tuners to extract the maximum output from the power unit while optimized gearing and Bridgestone R11 tires transfer all that energy to the tarmac.

To efficiently wrangle that might, stainless steel braided brake lines, a GYTR steel piston caliper kit, and Brembo Z04 brake pads enhance stopping power, consistency, and feel. At the controls, a set of race handlebars now come with a billet front brake lever guard, while racing rear sets also offer the heavily-preferred GP-shift configuration. Odds and ends such as GB Racing engine covers, an R-Series 520 chain, and a racing windscreen round out the GYTR R1, but Yamaha still has an ace up its sleeve with the GYTR Pro lineup.

Previewed on R1 GYTR Pro VR46 presented to Valentino Rossi in 2021, the extensive collection allows customers to upgrade their track-only literbike to Superbike World Championship (WSBK) standards.

The GYTR Pro range includes the following components:

  • GYTR Pro Swingarm
  • GYTR Pro large capacity and low gravity fuel tank
  • GTTR Pro Carbon rear subframe
  • GYTR Pro Triple clamp
  • GYTR Pro Carbon cowling set
  • GYTR Pro screen
  • GYTR Pro Dashboard
  • GYTR Pro Dash support
  • GYTR Pro Handlebars
  • GYTR Pro Handlebar switches
  • GYTR Pro Marelli electronics (customized)
  • GYTR Pro Airducts for brake calipers
  • GYTR Pro Brake lines
  • GYTR Pro Brembo wheel adaptors (front and rear) to fit in the Öhlins FGR400 front forks and the inverted swingarm
  • GYTR Pro Clutch
  • GYTR Pro Side steering damper with bracket and clamp
  • GYTR Pro MB radiator
  • GYTR Pro Akrapovic system
  • GYTR Pro Brake lever protector

With such a robust collection, Yamaha is truly putting its race-proven tech within the consumer’s reach. Unfortunately, the bLU cRU hasn’t released pricing or availability information yet, but we expect an update by the end of the year.

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