Electric bicycles have integrated themselves into nearly all facets of daily life, especially in parts of Europe wherein the urge to make the switch to electric is highly incentivized. Not only used for personal mobility, e-bike have evolved to for-business machines such as cargo bikes and even street food carts. This is largely thanks to the adaptability of e-bike platforms, and their capability to be tweaked according to one’s preferences.

A good example of this is Italian company Trackting Technology’s recent endeavor with OLI electric drive units. Tracking Technology is a well-known tech company that develops tracking software for cars, motorcycles, and electric two-wheelers. Meanwhile, OLI e-bike systems is an Italian manufacturer of e-bike drive systems. Together, the two Italian companies elevate the overall utility of e-bikes, allowing users to access and integrate a bunch of features, be it for personal or commercial use.

More specifically, thanks to Trackting’s tech, OLI’s drive motors can be configured and matched with e-bike manufacturer’s value-added solutions. This makes it easier for certain e-bike brands to develop specific mobile applications that display the bike’s vital information such as battery charge, ride modes, and range. For example, the technology has the potential to streamline the operations of cargo e-bike riders, as it can integrate GPS and battery range data, and calculate the best routes to get the most out of your range.

In essence, Tracking’s solution has created an open source product for electric bike manufacturers. Built on the solid foundation of OLI’s electric drive motor, e-bike manufacturers can write their own code atop that of Trackting’s, allowing them to provide precisely what their consumer base is looking for, as well as roll out updates on a needs-basis, at virtually any time. Furthermore, this translates to reduced costs of production, and ultimately, a more competitive price tag that’s transferred to the end user.

Italian Tech Firm Trackting Develops Open Source E-Bike Platform
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