It’s been a year full of ups and downs for Marc Márquez, but as of August 24, 2022, things are trending in a positive direction. That’s the day that Marc’s doctors officially gave him the all-clear to ramp up his personal training regimen—and more importantly, to get back on a motorcycle. Only then can they determine how his arm is healing—and what kind of exercise he’s ready to take on. 

Márquez’s medical team consists of Dr. Joaquin Sánchez Sotelo, Dr. Samuel Antuña and Dr. Angel Cotorro. So far, they’ve said that they’re pleased with how Marc’s healing is progressing since his most recent surgery at the Mayo Clinic in the United States. In fact, it was only two weeks ago that the same doctors gave him the all-clear to exercise in the gym, beyond the swimming he’d already been doing. 

MotoGP riders are incredibly fit athletes. You have to be in order to compete at their level. In some ways, that’s helpful when it comes to injury, because it seems (even if it’s only anecdotal) as though they’re able to heal more quickly. However, extremely driven athletes also tend to push themselves harder than a lot of people—so there’s a fine balance to walk if they want to ensure that they aren’t doing more than their healing progress can support just yet. 

That’s why both Marc and the Box Repsol Team, including the medical team, will be watching and assessing every step of the way. Dr. Sotelo had this to say in a statement on Marc’s progress: 

"Today [August 24, 2022], I had the opportunity to evaluate Marc Márquez in regard to his surgical procedure recently performed at Mayo Clinic. Fortunately, Marc Márquez has regained a great arc of motion and has recovered well from a muscular perspective as well. Today, he underwent radiographs and a CT scan that show complete bone union,” he said. 

What happens next is a complete unknown, but as a person who enjoys fitness and movement, Márquez is undoubtedly happy to have more freedom to exercise. For a person who’s used to moving, it can be difficult to make yourself relax. That’s a sentiment he expressed in a recent ceremony at the Repsol Honda offices, where the team celebrated his ten years with them as a rider. As ever, we wish the champ a good and speedy recovery. 

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