Aside from selling the motorbikes we know and love, Suzuki Motor USA also manufactures ATVs for farmers and others involved in the agricultural industry. In order to promote the new Tule Vision mobile app, the firm recently established a cooperation with Tule Technologies Inc., an innovative agronomic technology company. For agricultural experts looking to track their water consumption in real time, this new smartphone app appears to offer the ideal tools.

For their tough performance and well-proven dependability, the Suzuki KingQuad ATVs are a favorite among farmers and other agricultural professionals. As farmers ride around their fields tending to their crops, the KingQuad is one of the most popular ATV options. Given the recent partnership between Suzuki and Tule,  Farmers can now better optimize their water use, which could result in significant long-term savings, by using a front-mounted iPhone and the Tule Vision app to monitor the thirstiness of their plants.

Suzuki And Tule Join Forces To Promote New AI-Powered Vision App

“Computer Vision is the future of field scouting. Farmers are using every tool available to reduce agrichemical inputs and conserve water,” remarked Tom Shapland, co-founder and CEO of Tule. “Equipping the best-in-class ATV for farms and ranches, the Suzuki KingQuad, with cameras and computer vision is the latest frontier in sustainability for production agriculture.”

Plant thirstiness data, also known as "leaf water potential readings" in agricultural jargon, are provided to producers by the Tule Vision app using cutting-edge artificial intelligence. When controlling irrigation during periods of acute drought, as is presently happening in many agricultural regions across the U.S., as well as managing water resources, such as on a vineyard, this information is essential not only when it comes to cost savings, but for the overall health of the plants, as well. 

For instance, Suzuki KingQuad ATVs with the Tule Vision app can offer a great mix of technology and performance to users, enabling quick and efficient water stress scouting in vineyards that saves time and money for grape farmers. Suzuki stated in a press release that it is pleased to support agricultural companies in using cutting-edge sustainability-focused technology like Tule Vision to reduce water waste.

“We are very excited to see vineyard workers manage their resources more efficiently using Suzuki KingQuad ATVs in conjunction with the Tule Vision app,” Suzuki Assistant Manager for National Sales and Dealer Development, Chase Rastegar, stated. “This kind of collaboration between Suzuki and high-tech firms like Tule Technologies demonstrates how both Suzuki and Tule products complement each other and allow crop growers to become more efficient in their water management.”

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