Harley-Davidson motorcycles are like LEGOs for adults. Looking for a throatier sound? There’s an exhaust and intake for that. Want more power and torque? Cams and big-bore kits should do the trick. While most manufacturers don’t recommend engine mods, the Motor Company fully encourages them, allowing riders to soup up their rides to the Nth degree.

Anthony from the YouTube channel DooWork Productions is more than happy to oblige. Starting with a 2019 Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, he spared no expense when it came down to aftermarket parts. The RGS’s 114ci (1,870cc) Milwaukee-Eight V-twin wasn’t pumping out enough ponies for the YouTuber, so he turned to Fuel Moto’s 128-inch Big-Bore Kit to crank out extra power.

That beastly V-twin now breathes through an Arlen Ness 65 Velocity air intake and expresses all its pent-up aggression through a Fuel Moto Jackpot RTX two-into-one exhaust. DooWork also tosses in an S&S Cycle 475c cam for good measure, helping the bonkers bagger lay down 130 horsepower and 154 lb-ft of torque at the back wheel.

With all that power and punch at your disposal, you’d want to see how your Hog measures up to the competition, and that’s exactly what Anthony does. Entering the Hot Rod Bagger class in the Harley's at the Dragway event at Milan, Michigan’s Milan Dragway, the YouTube creator pits his daily rider against dedicator dragsters.

Of course, DooWork’s Road Glide Special is anything but a stocker. On top of the 2019 RGS’s $27,489 price tag, the performance parts tack on nearly $3,600—and that’s excluding the bagger’s upgraded Lucky Dave’s seat, Ohlins rear shocks, tall handlebars, slotted floorboards, crash protection, and Wheatie’s Performance labor costs.

Yes, most Harley riders could probably buy a second bike with the money they spend on aftermarket components, but in that case, they wouldn’t have an absolute ripper like Anthony’s fully-built bagger. We can crunch numbers all we want, but when it comes down to it, all that matters is taking home that number one plate. DooWork Productions' souped-up Harley does just that.

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