There’s something for all motorcyclists on YouTube. Looking for a tutorial or install video? You’re in luck. Searching for an in-depth review of your next motorcycle? Say no more. Whether you subscribe to motorcycle vloggers or builders, whether you’re in it for the personalities or the technicalities, YouTube has a channel to tickle your fancy.

Those that enjoy barn finds, restoration work, and how-to vids frequently turn to the Brick House Builds channel to get their fix. Featuring everything from old Hondas to BMWs, from choppers to scramblers, the channel welcomes riders of all makes and styles. If you’ve watched BHB before, you’d know that creator BJ recently decked out his restored 1975 Honda CB750 with a new (to it) seat and a four-into-one exhaust system.

Like any moto-fanatic, BJ celebrates such acquisitions by getting out on the road, and Brick House Builds takes us along for the ride. Similar to BJ’s other videos, he lets the content do the talking. He never yammers over the build process. Instead, he lets the wrenching stand center stage. The same goes for this picturesque ride along the backroads of Missouri.

BJ doesn’t need to provide color commentary; the lush scenery provides all the necessary color. He could explain the difference between his old exhaust and his new system, but that would only distract from the husky exhaust note and gentle decel pops.

Half the fun of riding any motorcycle is soaking up the visceral experience. From wind rushing past to the vibrating engine to the scents and sounds, there’s nothing quite like the cockpit of a motorcycle. BJ places the viewer right in the saddle, nearly replicating the sensations of the open road.

YouTube audiences classify these types of videos as Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR), but there’s no sensory experience like a bike on a backroad. Whether you enjoy DIY vids or vlogs, café racers or cruisers, I think we all can agree that ride-along videos appeal to all motorcyclists.

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