There’s a thin line between aged and tattered. A dinged tank, slightly pitted chrome, or a modestly rusted fender can actually improve an aging bike’s aesthetic charm. However, when left unchecked, those appealing imperfections can quickly devolve into distractions.

Apparently, the shabby saddle on Brick House BuildsHonda CB750 project did just that for the YouTube channel’s audience. After removing rust from its tank and nursing the barn-find CB back to health, BHB started receiving comments concerning the bike's threadbare seat. While Brick House Builds creator BJ understood the need, he didn’t want to sacrifice the Honda’s vintage patina with a brand-new seat cover.

Luckily, two regular viewers, Rex and Todd, supplied BJ with a slightly-used OE unit in exchange for an exhaust system. The fitment process required little of the garage builder, with BJ simply replacing a mounting tab and transferring his insurance card over to the new unit. However, the video doesn’t just dwell on the installation process.

One-quarter through the episode's runtime, BJ airs his grievances about the previous comments calling out the CB’s long-in-the-tooth saddle. With all the hours poured into returning the bike to running order, BJ’s frustration with the feedback is a reasonable response. In defense of the viewers, the tattered seat was the only eyesore on an otherwise excellent CB750 example.

On the other hand, delivery is always key when levying criticisms, and we in the motorcycling community can show a little more tact in the comment section. If BJ would have received just as much praise for his creativity and labor along with the calls for a new seat, I doubt he’d display such irritation.

Unfortunately, a commenter quickly pointed out the missing kickstart rubber right after BJ updated the seat. What that commenter doesn’t consider, though, is whether BJ even sees that as a necessary mod at all. Motorcyclists like different things. Some like a sparkling finish. Others enjoy a smattering of rust. Understanding that should, hopefully, stop us from imposing our own preferences on others while enjoying their work for what it is.

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