Ever since making its debut in the global market, the Yamaha Ténéré 700 has captured the hearts of adventure and enduro aficionados all over the world. It’s touted as one of the ultimate best middleweight adventure bikes, with a focus on off-road capability. Perhaps the best thing about the bike is the fact that it uses such a compliant engine in the form of the 689cc crossplane parallel-twin that we first saw in the MT-07 as early as 2014.

Adding to the list of things that make the Ténéré 700 awesome is the fact that Yamaha has kept it rather simple in the electronics front, with switchable ABS serving as the bike’s sole rider aid. As such, it’s no surprise that the T7 has riders from all skill levels gravitating towards it, and it’s no surprise, as well, that a vast aftermarket surrounding this peach of an ADV bike has spread like wildfire. Nearly all aftermarket manufacturers worth their salt have a range of upgrades and accessories designed specifically for the Ténéré 700.

WRS Introduces Lighthouse Protection Lens For Yamaha Tenere 700

Everything from expensive suspension upgrades, crash protection, exhaust systems, and saddle and ergonomic upgrades are available for Team Blue’s middleweight enduro-adventure. One of the newest and most useful accessories you could fit on your T7, especially if you find yourself riding off-road a lot, is this new protective lens from WRS. Designed to protect your bike’s headlight from flying debris when out on the trail, WRS’ headlight cover gives the T7 a more aggressive, rally-esque aesthetic, too.

Those of you with newer bikes will probably be aware that replacing the headlight assembly simply due to a small crack or stone chip can be extremely expensive. The same is true for the Yamaha Ténéré 700, with its large headlight housing four LED projectors. The WRS Lighthouse protection lens is easy to install, and makes use of existing mounting points on the bike’s body work. It’s as simple as removing four bolts, placing the headlight protector on top of the headlight, and securing it with the supplied hardware.

WRS Introduces Lighthouse Protection Lens For Yamaha Tenere 700

Should the time come that dirt has accumulated underneath the protective lens, it’s incredibly easy to remove it, clean the headlight, and reinstall the lens. WRS says that it’s made out of a 3mm thick anti-impact material, so you won’t have to worry about sustaining damage from blasting down your favorite gravel road with your buddies. WRS is asking $81.45 USD for the Lighthouse protection lens.

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