Summer is the best time to swing a leg over your bike and go out for a ride. However, I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels that this summer has been a tad hotter than other summers. In fact, it can be so hot that going out for a ride is too much to bear, and you’d rather take the cage and enjoy the air conditioning. Nevertheless, summer is made for riding, and wearing the appropriate gear can go a long way in keeping you cool and comfy.

Of course, mesh riding gear with a lot of ventilation and lightweight construction can keep you cool. However, adding base layers or technical underwear to your gear selection can certainly go a long way in keeping you fresh. Sure, it would seem counterintuitive to wear another layer, but there are base layers made particularly to drain away perspiration and keep you cool. Dainese has just updated its technical underwear selection for the 2022 collection with its Dry range, which is intended for the hot season but can also be worn year-round.

Dainese’s New Dry Technical Underwear Will Keep You Cool This Summer

This selection includes a wide variety of undergarments for both men and women, including entire suits, t-shirts, sleeves, underpants, trousers, balaclavas, hats, and even socks. This line of underwear uses a synthetic Dryarn fabric, which when mixed with polyamide and elastane, improves moisture wicking, quick drying, and quicker cooling. Additionally, these various versions lack seams, have strengthened components on the contact points, and have lighter materials where ventilation needs to be improved.

The complete catalog consists of mid to high socks, retailing for 29.95 Euros ($30.81 USD), a hat which is sold for 15.95 Euros ($16.41 USD), and a balaclava for 34.95 Euros ($35.96). Arm sleeves are also available for 35.95 Euros ($36.98), while the underpants will set you back 39.95 Euros ($41.10 USD). Dainese’s base layer trousers and long-sleeved shirt retail for 59.95 Euros ($61.68 USD) a piece. More information on sizes and availability, as well as other products for the summer riding season, can be found in Dainese’s official website linked below.

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