Fox Racing is a brand that nearly all powersports fans are probably familiar with. Often imitated but never replicated, the Fox Racing apparel brand has evolved from a gear and protective equipment manufacturer to a full blown lifestyle icon. With famous racers turned celebrities such as Travis Pastrana and Ricky Carmichael as ambassadors of the brand, it's no surprise that us mere mortals have developed quite an affinity for the brand.

Naturally, as brands continue to grow, they tend to pose a threat to other more established marques out there. As the old saying goes, "if you can't beat 'em, buy 'em," this is exactly what has happened with the Fox Racing gear and apparel business. You may be familiar with Vista Outdoor Inc., the company behind famous brands like Camelbak, QuietKat, and Bell Helmets. Well, they just acquired the Fox Racing gear and apparel division for a tasty $540 million. Furthermore, if Fox meets its short-term financial targets, Vista will throw in an additional $50 million into the mix—according to a report by 

At this point, it's important to note that Vista Outdoor's acquisition of Fox Racing is limited only to the gear and apparel business. Fox suspension—those uber fancy and uber expensive shiny bits that keep our off-road trucks, motorcycles, and mountain bikes riding plush, will continue to operate under the Fox Factory Holding Corp. 

Jumping back to the Fox Racing gear and apparel brand, sales data from 2019 to 2021 showed that the brand's net sales grew by an impressive 20 percent. Chances are a lot of people took on an interest for mountain biking and off-road powersports during the pandemic. Not to mention, Fox Racing has been churning out a steady supply of new products that cater to all sorts of riders, with varying budgets, too. Needless to say, it'll come as a surprise to no one if Fox Racing continues enjoying impressive sales figures in the years to come.

Following the acquisition, Fox Racing will join Vista Outdoor's already impressive repertoire of recreational brands. That said, there is the potential for some sibling rivalries to develop, particularly with Fox Racing and Bell Helmets now sharing the stable. It'll be interesting to see the way the two brands' products will diversify in the coming years, particularly in the field of mountain bike and motocross helmets.

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