Scooters are, for the most part, built with practicality and utility in mind. It's an inherent part of their design, with a large floorboard capable of holding stuff between the rider's legs, as well as a spacious under-seat storage compartment. As such, it's no surprise, really, that a vast majority of folks in Asia and Europe rely on scooters to get them around on a daily basis.

To further enhance the practicality of the good old scooter, a bunch of aftermarket options can be fitted. Items such as baskets, luggage racks, and top cases are popular add-ons among scooteristas looking to go the extra mile aboard their trusty steeds. For those of you whose weapon of choice is either the Honda ADV150 or PCX, Japanese aftermarket specialist Rise has introduced a new rear luggage rack and top case set under the Hardworks brand. 

Rise Introduces New Hardworks Top Case And Carrier For Honda ADV150

The new Hardworks cases from Rise offer a premium look that suits both the Honda ADV150 and PCX, and the matte black finish keeps the overall look rather simple. The top case's aluminum construction and rugged rubber bumpers on the corners match perfecty with the ADV150's rugged styling. However, when fitted on the PCX, they give the streamlined scooter a more muscular appearance. Rise is offering the top cases in two sizes—36 liters and 42 liters, and with individual mounts specific to the ADV150 and PCX.

As for pricing and availability, the Rise Hardworks top case and luggage rack set is available in two sizing options for either model. For the ADV150, the 36-liter case with the rear carrier carries a price tag of 44,000 Yen, the equivalent of $318 USD, per current exchange rates. The larger 42-liter case is also available as a set with the rear carrier at a price of 47,300 Yen ($342 USD). Meanwhile, things are a tad more affordable for the PCX, with the 36-liter set costing 40,700 Yen ($294 USD), and the 42-Liter set retailing for 44,000 Yen ($318 USD). 

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