It’s safe to say that electric motorcycle and scooter manufacturers are frequently optimistic (to put it lightly) with their overall range estimates. We’ve seen everything from the LiveWire One to Cake’s Osa fall short of their reported mileage-per-charge figures. India’s Ather Energy takes a different approach to reporting range, helping set sensible expectations for its new 450X Gen 3 scooter.

Ather’s 450X platform is equal parts performance and practicality, and a 25-percent larger 3.7 kWh battery enhances both. Riders can milk the power bank for its charge-dodging capabilities or switch into ‘Warp’ mode (Ather’s high-performance mode) for a thrilling experience. While the firm lists the Gen 3 scooter’s ARAI-certified range at 146 kilometers (90.7 miles), it also reports a TrueRange of 105 kilometers (65.2 miles).

Ather bases its TrueRange figures on “millions of kilometers of data on environmental conditions and rider behavior of the Ather owners”. In ideal conditions, the 450X can technically reach its ARAI-certified range, but most users will see results closer to the TrueRange estimate.

Ather also claims that the battery’s new thermal management system maintains power regardless of terrain, temperature, or load. From steep inclines to commercial loads, the 450X provides the same performance and excitement without sacrificing overall range.

With five ride modes (Warp, Sport, Ride, SmartEco, and Eco) users can change the e-scooter's personality on the fly, but the new ‘Smart EcoTM Mode’ enables users to preserve range while in the standard Ride mode. As the name suggests, Ather’s Warp mode amps up performance, with a maximum 6.2-kW (8.7-horsepower) output.

“With the 450X Gen 3, we have doubled down on the performance parameters and taken it to the next level to offer a thrilling experience,” claimed Ather Energy Co-Founder and CEO Tarun Mehta. “The 450X Gen 3 will be pivotal in growing the E2W (Electric Two Wheeler) segment in the country and taking the E2W truly mainstream as we continue to expand our footprint across the country”

The Gen 3 may carry over the 450X’s 7.0-inch touchscreen system, but the upgraded dashboard improves the user experience. With 2 GB of RAM, the new system supports voice commands, multi-language support, deeper diagnostics, and sustained performance in higher temperatures. New rear view mirrors, an all-new sidestep, and extra boot space (22 liters) make the cockpit more accommodating.

Ather will roll out its 450X Gen 3 to Indian dealers on July 20, 2022, with a retail price of ₹155,657 ($1,950 USD). Most manufacturers may tout optimistic range figures, but Ather puts its range where its mouth is with its latest electric scoot.

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