For many motorcyclists, Harley-Davidson is synonymous with freedom and the American dream. With more than a century of heritage under its belt, Harley-Davidson has become one of the most iconic motorcycle manufacturers the world has ever seen. Founded in 1903, 2023 will mark the MoCo’s 120th anniversary, and in true H-D fashion, the brand has a huge celebration in store for all its fans and patrons.

Harley-Davidson is celebrating its 120th anniversary with Harley-Davidson Homecoming, a yearly four-day celebration with music, food, and moto-culture. On July 13–16, 2023, the first event will take place at several locations all across the Milwaukee region, and it invites riders, enthusiasts, and fans to gather in Milwaukee for a great celebration. Harley’s Homecoming event will certainly be the perfect venue for like-minded individuals to meet and share their passion for two wheels.

Riders, aficionados, and supporters from all around the world are being invited by Harley-Davidson to come together in Milwaukee for the enormous celebration. Please check out the Visit Milwaukee website at the link listed below if you are considering traveling to Milwaukee for this event. Wisconsin Campgrounds provides information about camping and RV parking. Planning may be a smart idea even now, since reservations for hotels and accommodations are now beginning to become available.

Harley-Davidson recently introduced "The Road to Harley-Davidson Homecoming Challenge" to further increase the excitement surrounding its homecoming event. Riders and non-riders alike can take part in chances to earn virtual badges, win daily and monthly prizes, and enter a contest for a chance to win a grand prize trip to Milwaukee to take part in the Homecoming event. Needless to say, given the limited information already available at the moment, the upcoming Harley-Davidson Homecoming event is looking like one of the biggest Harley-led initiatives to date. Stay tuned for more details.

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