Are you the kind of bike nerd who thinks that spending a day touring your favorite manufacturer’s facility sounds like an excellent time? If you are, and you’d like to take a peek inside ARCH Motorcycle, then both they and Öhlins have a contest you’re going to want to know about. Multiple prizes will be awarded, with the top prize including a paid trip to Los Angeles, a tour of the ARCH facility, and a design session where you can create your own, ideal, 3D Arch rendering. 

First things first: This is an Instagram-based contest. (Instagram is merely the platform; Instagram and its parent company, Meta, have no involvement in this contest.) So, you’ll need to have an Instagram account to participate, and it must be set to public. If it’s set to private, the contest judges won’t be able to view your entry. All entrants must live in the United States (including the District of Columbia) or in Canada, except for Quebec. 

To enter, you’ll need to come up with an artistic, passionate photo or video of your motorcycle, equipped with some kind of prominently-displayed Öhlins product(s). The bike can be anything you like, as long as at least one Öhlins item is installed and visible.


Your entry should also explain your moto-genesis. How did you get into motorcycling? Why? What makes you love it? Finally, you’ll need to use the hashtags #winthearchexperience and #ohlinsequipped , as well as tag Öhlins Racing (@ohlinsracingmotorcycle), Öhlins USA (@ohlinsusa), and ARCH Motorcycle (@archmotorcycle) in your post. 

From June, 2022 through December 31, 2022, the contest judges will select a total of 31 semifinalists from all entries that follow the rules. (We’ll link the entire Terms and Conditions page of the contest in our Sources, because there are a lot of details you’ll want to note if you plan to enter.) Only one entry per motorcycle is allowed. If you own more than one motorcycle equipped with Öhlins, the rules say that you can enter each bike individually if you like. Four semifinalists (and more in the last round) will be selected per month. 

Semifinalists will be notified of their selection by Instagram Direct Message, and are expected to answer within two days to the email address that the contest administrator will provide in the DM. Once all semifinalists are selected, first prize and grand prize winners will be selected from that group.  

A single grand prize winner will get the full ARCH Experience, which includes a tour of the ARCH factory, a meeting with the design team to hash out a 3D render of your dream ARCH bike, round-trip coach airfare for one within North America, two nights of standard hotel reservations, and a deluxe swag kit. First and second prize winners will receive either a deluxe ARCH swag kit or a regular ARCH swag kit.

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