Well, that didn’t take long at all! It seems like just yesterday that Honda Indonesia was teasing the upcoming ADV 160 scooter left and right. Rip off a new calendar page and it’s July 1, 2022—which also seems to mean that it’s go time for the Honda ADV160 in Indonesia. 

The ADV150 was launched in 2020, and apart from new colors being offered in various markets, has yet to receive any real updates. Having spent some quality time putting a couple hundred miles on one in 2021, I have to say that I’m a fan—although I really wished that under seat storage area was bigger. 

You know what? In addition to the modest displacement boost clearly spelled out by the name change, it turns out that the body styling also got an update. It’s now more in line with the ADV350, which makes sense—generally speaking, most OEMs like to keep different-displacement models in the same line using the same design language. The other important thing to note about the body change is that the under seat storage area is apparently bigger. How much bigger? We don’t have a number for comparison, but it’s an intriguing prospect if we’re talking about scooters. 

The Honda ADV160 also gets some other updates that are solidly aimed at rider ease of use and comfort. The windscreen is adjustable, the seat height got a little lower (from 795mm down to 780mm), and the handlebars are now tapered. There’s USB charging up front, so you can charge your phone as you’re zipping around on your daily errands. Like most other modern Honda motorbikes, the ADV160 now comes with a Honda Smart Key system, so be sure not to accidentally send your electronic key fob through the wash. 

The meter up front gets an update, too—and in the video, at least, it looks as though it may be a little brighter and easier to read in direct sunlight. While I was able to read the display when I was roaming around on an ADV150 last year, I wished that it was brighter at times. Although I highly doubt that Honda read my mind, I definitely won’t be mad if this display is an improvement over the previous one. Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) comes standard, as does a new twin Showa rear shock absorber setup.  

What about pricing? The Honda ADV160’s MSRP in Indonesia is 36,000,000 rupiah, which works out to about $2,399. Although we fully expect the ADV 160 to roll into other international markets in the coming months, prices are rarely a direct conversion between markets. As and when we know more, we’ll be sure to keep you updated. 

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