In Paris, France, the newest Piaggio MP3 models have just been presented. Since three-wheel scooters have long been a favorite among Parisian motorcyclists, it should come as no surprise that the Piaggio MP3, which has sold more than 230,000 units worldwide in its 16 years of production, has enjoyed tremendous success in France.

The MP3 has consistently been the unchallenged market leader over that period, demonstrating the Piaggio Group's technological leadership as it is applied to scooters. The Piaggio MP3 is regarded as the bridge between the worlds of automobiles and motorcycles, combining the best features of both. That said, the MP3 is back in 2022, and is now a lot safer, more high-tech, more opulent, and more enjoyable than before.

The models of the new Piaggio MP3 series are produced at Piaggio's factory in Pontedera, Italy, and feature several technical updates, better performance, and less weight. The Piaggio MP3 400 HPE and the Piaggio MP3 400 HPE Sport share the same 400cc engine with a power output of about 35 horsepower. The top-of-the-line Piaggio MP3 530 HPE Exclusive, on the other hand, sports the new 530cc HPE engine, which boasts a 44 horsepower stated power output.


When it comes to styling, the three-wheeled scooters are now sportier, equipped with angular body panels and a streamlined profile. Comfort-wise, Piaggio has borrowed technology from the car world to offer unparalleled levels of safety and stability on its new three-wheelers. For starters, the large front windshield is designed to envelope the rider in a bubble of quietness and as the scooter glides down the road. Furthermore, revised LED lights both front and rear ensure utmost visibility when riding at night.

Piaggio has also revised the ergonomics a little bit by updating the rider triangle. In the new MP3 models, the saddle, floor board, and handlebar placement has been revised to offer more comfort thanks to an upright riding position. This gives the rider more leverage at low speeds, while ensuring a more comfortable seating position on longer trips. Other safety features include ABS on all three corners and Piaggio’s ASR traction control system. A full-color TFT display and smartphone connectivity via the Piaggio MIA App are standard features, too.

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