It was June, 2021 when Ducati first unveiled its most inexpensive two-wheeler: The Pro-I Evo electric kick scooter. MSRP worked out to about $477—which was surely a steal for a new Ducati, right?

Well, we have another similar story for you in June, 2022, only it’s a little more out of left field. See, at least Ducati was already known for making two-wheelers. Bugatti, on the other hand, is absolutely committed to making extremely fast, exclusive, luxurious four-wheeled creations.

Nevertheless, the French luxury auto manufacturer teamed up with electronic accessories maker Bytech on its first-ever two-wheeler, the Bugatti 9.0 electric scooter. Like Ducati’s, it’s the kick-type of scooter, not the seated type.  

Gallery: Bugatti 9.0 Scooter

While it’s easily the most affordable Bugatti-branded vehicle you can buy in 2022, it still costs quite a bit more than the comparable Ducati—which, we suppose, is to be expected. As you’ve probably guessed, it’s unlikely you’ll be drag racing a Chiron Super Sport 300+ any time soon with your shiny, new 9.0, either. Top speed is a claimed 18.5 miles per hour on the diminutive folding scooter, which will of course be affected by the rider's size.

That said, the Bugatti 9.0 is certainly not without its charms. The frame is constructed of magnesium alloy, which Bytech says is meant to keep the weight nice and manageable. That’s good news, since you’ll probably need to wrestle it into storage somewhere when you’re not riding it. At a claimed weight of 35 pounds, it’s not exactly a feather—but it’s probably doable. My steel-framed bicycle weighs about that much, so take that as you will.  

The design is the first thing you’ll notice, and it’s objectively a pretty nice-looking e-scooter. Nothing about it seems cheap or flimsy, and that seems true from the numerous unboxing videos you can find on YouTube, as well. Bytech also packed this scooter in some extremely nice packaging (boxes within boxes, high-quality foam, and so on), in order to ensure that it gets to its new owner in the same shape as when it left the factory. 

It features a whole bunch of lighting for night rides, including a headlight, taillight, integrated turn signals in the handlebars and above the rear mudguard, deck lighting—and of course, that EB projection monogram that beams proudly out from the back. There’s a nice, clear LED display up front to show you how fast you’re going, as well as help you keep tabs on your battery. 

Speaking of the battery, Bytech says it’ll get about 22 miles per charge, and takes around four hours to charge from empty. The included charger (located inside a box inside a box inside the big box) plugs into your standard 110V outlet, for North American riders.  

Other features include a safety bell, a stout little kickstand, a lock that latches the handlebar in place when you fold it down to meet the deck, and a dual brake system with a front handbrake lever and rear electronic ABS. The tires, incidentally, are the 9-inch run-flat kind, and there is zero suspension to speak of. 

Bytech and Bugatti originally introduced the Bugatti 9.0 scooter at CES 2022, back in January—but it only started selling the scoots in June. Originally, they were available in your choice of three colors: Silver, Agile Bleu, or Black. The Silver one appears to be sold out on the official Bugatti Scooters webpage, but the Agile Bleu and Black ones are still available for $1,200 apiece. You may also still be able to find them for around $900 at some Costco locations, but it’s no longer listed for sale on the Costco website as of June 28, 2022. 

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