Apart from being one of the world's most instantly recognizable motorcycle brands, Ducati has also made a name for itself as quite the luxurious lifestyle brand. Perhaps, its decades of heritage in the world of racing and performance-oriented machines has warranted this level of clout, or maybe this is part of Ducati's strategy to make itself relevant to a wider audience. Whatever it is, I certainly want a set of Ducati beachwear for next summer. 

Apart from flip-flops, board shorts, and bikinis, Ducati has released some nifty gadgets, too. We previously talked about Ducati's Pro-I Evo electric kick-scooter, which looks very much like a rebadged Xiaomi electric kick scooter. It even shares the same side covers and wheels as the Xiaomi M365. This time around, Ducati has one-upped itself with a new, even more stylish electric kick-scooter dubbed the Pro-III. The House of Borgo Panigale claims that the Pro-III is the most "techinically advanced scooter in the Ducati Urban e-mobility line." 

Ducati Unveils Pro-III Electric Kick Scooter

The Ducati Pro-III electric scooter features IoT integration via Bluetooth smartphone connectivity. It pairs with your phone and can be configured via the Ducati Urban e-Mobility User App. I, for one, think that it was a missed opportunity for Ducati to name the app Ducat-E. Nonetheless, the scoot even gets a fancy keycard which automatically powers the scooter up when you put it near the display—kind of like how a keycard automatically unlocks your hotel room. 

Propelling this fancy schmancy runabout is a 350W brushless electric motor which pumps out 515W of power. It sips juice from a 468Wh lithium-ion battery which is integrated seamlessly into the scooter's floorboard. It promises a range of 50 kilometers—that's 31 miles—on a single charge, and has four selectable riding modes which limit the scooter to a top speed of 6, 15, 20, and 25 kilometers per hour. It even gets a USB port right beneath the instrument panel for you to charge your mobile devices while on the go. 

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