Cruise control is considered by some as a luxury feature on high-end touring, sport-touring, and adventure bikes. For others, it’s a necessity, especially those who travel long, boring distances on the freeway. Indeed, having cruise control goes a long way in keeping your right wrist stress free on long-haul highway rides. Now, what if your bike doesn’t come equipped with cruise control?

Well, there are several aftermarket options out there designed to give your bike a semblance of cruise control—each with varying degrees of sketchiness and tediousness. More often than not, a makeshift cruise control system consists of a mechanical throttle lock—something that could seem rather unsettling, should you be faced with an emergency situation. That being said, French inventor by the name of Philippe Beraka, has come up with an ingenious mechanical cruise control gadget called the BeraCruise Skate Lock.

New BeraCruise Skate Lock Gives Any Motorcycle Cruise Control

Unlike other mechanical throttle locking devices, the Skate Lock is a lot easier to operate, and can be disengaged with the flick of a switch. It looks pretty neat, too, and could easily blend in with your bike’s cockpit. What makes the BeraCruise so special is the technology that has been put into it. Instead of using a mechanical locking mechanism, it makes use of 20 magnets that are engaged when the red thumb button is rotated. Subsequently, disengaging the system simply means you turn the button the other way. The magnets are then pulled away from each other, and your throttle is once again free to move.

Of course, no matter how high-tech mechanical cruise control mechanisms are, they’ll never be as seamless as those built-in with a motorcycle’s electronics. As such, the Skate Lock doesn’t automatically disengage once the clutch or brake is pulled in, as an electronic system would. Nevertheless, out of all the mechanical throttle locks out there, this is definitely one of the safest and coolest ones yet. It’s compatible with standard 22mm and 25mm handlebars, and retails for 109 Euros, translating to the equivalent of $116 USD.

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