While Europe has just approved the end of combustion engine automobile sales in 2035, it is only a matter of time until motorcycles and scooters face the same demise. As a result, both large and small manufacturers are striving to create new technology that will make electric two-wheelers cheaper, quicker, and more efficient than ever before.

Even now, more than a decade before the end of the internal-combustion engine’s era, the market is already full of options when it comes to groundbreaking electric motorcycles and scooters. To make things even better for price-sensitive consumers, many Asian brands have rolled out new electric motorcycles designed specifically to lower the cost of ownership. One such brand is Dayi Motor, a Chinese manufacturer that has just released a new electric motorcycle called the E-Odin Pro.

2021 Dayi Motors E-Odin - Luggage, Side

At a glance, the E-Odin Pro looks rather unique. Sure, it takes the form of a naked streetfighter, however, the lack of an internal-combustion engine gives the bike’s lower half an interesting appearance. What’s interesting, however, is the fact that its headlight looks almost identical to that of the old generation BMW S 1000 R. Regardless, its proportions aren’t like that of a sporty naked bike, but rather of a smaller, more commuter-focused machine.

In terms of performance, it cranks out power similar to that of a 125cc engine, with 10kW of continuous power output. The rear-hub motor delivers a top speed of 75 miles per hour, while the lithium battery pack delivers a maximum range of 131 miles on a single charge. A type 2 connector on-board charger makes it easy and convenient to power up the E-Odin, as well. While the E-Odin’s range is undeniably impressive, the figures are all claimed, and still need to undergo real-world, independent testing.

What makes the Dayi E-Odin even more interesting is the fact that it comes with a three-speed transmission complete with a reverse gear. Rolling on 17-inch wheels, it’s more like a standard motorcycle, while the dual front disc brakes and inverted front fork give it some big bike appeal. Overall, the Dayi E-Odin is a very heavy bike, tipping the scales at 197 kilograms. At present, the E-Odin has already been certified in Europe, however, pricing and availability has yet to be announced.

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