When Kymco launched the CV3 back in November 2020, it was alongside other models such as the KRV, DT X360, and the F9.

A few years later, and after the brand was able to put it in the hands of our other colleagues in the industry, the CV3’s shaping up to be a contender in a segment where Yamaha and Peugeot among other brands have their own take on what a three-wheeler should be.

While it is the first foray of Kymco into the three-wheeled segment, the CV3 takes from the brand’s expertise when it comes to making some comfortable and capable scooters and maxi scooters. The Taiwanese company has been in the game for quite some time now, fielding models like the Xciting 400. While most manufacturers start out on the backbone of, well, backbone bikes, Kymco’s specialty lies with scooters.

It seems like the logical next step for Kymco given that their models have been regarded as some great scoots. So does the brand’s experience translate over to a three-wheeled format? At least for the reviewers at Le Repaire Des Motards, it does.

Gallery: Kymco CV3 Press Photos

Equipped with a 550cc twin-cylinder engine, the motor delivers up to 50.29 horsepower and 36.9 pound-feet of torque. Given its engine configuration, the three-wheeler manages 80 miles per hour comfortably, and doing 100 miles per hour is possible. It’s also important to note that the model’s still belt-driven and it also comes with cruise control for highways.

On top of that, handling is said to be superb, and the word “weapon” was thrown out there when tackling small roads. It transitions easily and is stable throughout a turn. Even in the city, it was easy to handle though with a heavier front-end compared to a two-wheeler according to the review.

The bike's strong points according to the review indicate that it has a good engine, good handling, and quality parts. The only downsides include its price, cargo space, and its lights could be improved.

As a first try, it’s not bad. Getting the front end right might have been the most challenging for the brand to get right, and Kymco seemed to have nailed the three-wheeler concept. It’s a contender in the segment, but quite pricey at its as-tested price of €12,990 EUR, or a few dollars shy of $14,000 USD. Will Kymco go on and give other brands a run for their money, though? We’d like to see what all the fuss is about.

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