Taiwanese scooter and motorcycle manufacturer Kymco has gained a lot of popularity all over the world thanks to its affordable and high quality two-wheelers. For the longest time, Kymco's bread and butter has been scooters, and it looks like the brand has no plans of changing that. In Europe, especially in Italy, small scooters with displacements of 125cc and below are extremely popular, with Kymco's Agility S being one of the favorites.

Kymco has updated the Agility S 125i with a few feature and tech refinements for the 2022 model year, and has launched the small-capacity scooter in Italy. The new scooter has been refreshed in terms of its styling, and is now a bit sportier and more modern-looking. Furthermore, Kymco has bestowed the scooter with technical enhancements which make the Agility S more premium and convenient to operate. For starters, a new LED headlight ensures utmost visibility at night, while redesigned fairings give the scooter a sporty appeal. 

Kymco Introduces Various Updates To The Agility S 125i Scooter

A new set of alloy wheels which feature a split five-spoke design have been added to the 2022 Kymco Agility S. A new digital LCD instrument panel offers the rider a more legible display of pertinent riding information, while spacious under-seat storage complete with a 12V charging socket offers just a bit more convenience. For even more practicality, the new Agility S 125i is equipped with a 33-liter top case as standard, which can easily be detached from the scooter on shorter, more leisure rides. 

Powering the Agility S 125i is Kymco's tried and tested 125cc single-cylinder, four-stroke engine. With a maximum power output of 10.6 horsepower at 8,500 rpm, the Agility S has a top speed of 90 kilometers per hour, or 56 miles per hour. Given its claimed fuel efficiency of 42 kilometers per liter, or 98 miles per gallon, you're in for quite a long distance before you'll be needing to refuel. Complementing the scooter's economical engine is a slew of barebones underpinnings. Up front, a set of telescopic forks keeps suspension duties in check, while front and rear disc brakes equipped with a combined braking system (CBS) put you to a stop.

 As for pricing and availability, the Kymco Agility S 125i is already available in Italian Kymco dealerships. It starts at a base price of 2,790 Euros, or the equivalent of $3,013 USD. It's also available at a slight premium (3,270 Euros, or the sum of $3,531 USD) with Kymco Care, which includes amenities such as 24-hour roadside assistance. The scooter's SRP is inclusive of the 33-liter top case. 

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