Although the adventure scooter market is still modest, it is steadily expanding. Kymco unveiled the DTX360 in November 2020, with dual-purpose tires, a 3.3-gallon gas tank, and a weight of 195 kilograms. Kymco is extending the DTX line to include 125cc and 300cc variants to cater to the rising novice market, particularly in Europe. Let's have a look at them quickly, shall we?

At a glance, the DTX125 looks very similar to the DTX360, with that same angular, off-road-esque aesthetic. The DTX 125 has a 125cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine instead of the 321cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder mill found in the DTX 360. When accelerated to 8,750 rpm, it claims to generate 13 horsepower. The seat height is a comfortable 785 millimeters, or little under 31 inches. In comparison to the 360, the weight is also lower, at just 176 kilograms. Surely, the DTX125 will appeal to young, first-time riders looking for a practical runabout that can handle uneven road surfaces and tackle the city with ease.

Kymco's New DTX125 And 300 Turn Your Daily Commute Into An Adventure

Moving on to the DTX300, it's a maxi adventure scooter just like its smaller and bigger siblings, that boasts similar rugged styling and go-anywhere capability. It serves as something of a middleground between the 125 and 360, although I can only imagine that it exists simply to offer younger riders more choices, as well as in adherence to motorbike licensing regulations in Europe. That said, it gets a 276cc, liquid-cooled, two-valve, single-cylinder engine. With 23.1 horsepower on tap at 7,500 rpm, it's fairly zippy, and will make for a fun all-rounder for city and commuting duties. 

When it comes to pricing and availability, the new Kymco DTX125 is surprisingly pricey, starting at 5,640 Euros, translating to about $5,865 USD. Color options consist of Matte Odolo Black/ Orange for the little 125 ADV-scoot. Meanwhile, the DTX300, available in the same Matte Odolo Black/ Orange, but with another color option—Matte Odolo Black/ Scalve Sand—retails for 6,640 Euros, or the equivalent of around $6,905 USD.

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