While I personally never understood the appeal of three-wheeled scooters, it’s clear that the market for them is pretty stable, if not growing. Piaggio has been selling the MP3 scooter for quite some time now, and so, too, has Yamaha, with its Tricity. Peugeot also has its own iteration of a three-wheeled scooter. For the 2022 model year, Piaggio is expected to drop a new MP3, and based on what we’ve heard so far, there are quite a few changes.

Of course, in keeping with industry trends, the name of the game is more features, higher power output, and lighter weight. Whether or not the new MP3 ticks these boxes in the real world remains to be seen. Piaggio is expected to debut the new three-wheeler by June, 2022. Until then, all we have to go for are procurers and a few speculations. For starters, we do know that the new MP3 500 will get a bump in displacement. The old version had a 493cc single cylinder engine, while the new model gets a 530cc powerplant. It will, however, retain its single-cylinder layout.

Piaggio To Launch Updated MP3 500 In June, 2022
So far, Piaggio has yet to disclose the official spec-sheet of the new MP3 500.

Furthermore, Piaggio promises a quieter and less vibey engine character, while at the same time a more punchy and energetic power output. Of course, these changes all have to come in compliance with Euro5 regulations, meaning we can expect to see some revisions in the three-wheeler’s exhaust system. Overall, however, refinements to the bikes engine and chassis have resulted in a lighter machine, with a few kilograms expected to be shed off the upcoming MP3. As far as styling goes, the MP3 looks thoroughly premium and modern, adopting sleek lines, an aggressive fascia, and a wide, aggressive front end.

To top it all off, Piaggio is expected to release a whole host of tech updates on the MP3. Apart from the aforementioned restyle, the new MP3 might boast an electronically adjustable windshield, making it possible for the rider to adjust the height of the windscreen while on the fly, while keeping both hands on the controls. Furthermore, the MP3 is expected to come with a new instrument cluster, perhaps a TFT unit that’s complete with mobile phone connectivity.

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